1. Why am I getting this notice?


Beginning July 1, 2024, Medicaid recipients age 60 and over will receive their Medicaid benefits through the Indiana PathWays for Aging managed care program.[1]

Unlike a fee-for-services model that Indiana Medicaid currently, has, services under the Indiana PathWays for Aging Program will be provided by a managed health care entity.


  1. Who are the managed healthcare entities?


The State of Indiana has enlisted three health insurers to serve as an individual’s managed health care entity:  Anthem, Human, and United Healthcare (UHC).


  1. Who is my managed healthcare entity?


The notice lists your managed healthcare entity.


  1. What should I do now?


We recommend that you double-check with your long-term care provider(s) to ensure that it is enrolled the in the managed care entity that you are enrolled.


  1. My provider has told me that they are not currently enrolled in the health plan I picked (or was assigned), now what?


You may change your health plan at any time up to 90 days after the start of the program.  You should contact the Indiana PathWays for Aging Helpline at 87-PATHWAY-4 (877-284-9294) as soon as possible to change your plan.


  1. I have Medicare, does my Indiana Pathways Plan replace my original Medicare or current Medicare Advantage Plan?


No, you can keep your current Medicare Advantage Plan or original Medicare.  In such a case, your Indiana Pathway Plan will only cover you Medicaid-related services.


For more information on the Indiana Pathways Plan see:  https://www.in.gov/pathways/frequently-asked-questions/#What_is_a_Dual_Eligible_Special_Needs_Plan_or_D_SNP_ .

[1] Some exceptions apply.  If you have received a notice, you will be receiving services through the new program.

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