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WEBINAR-Leaving a Legacy, Beyond the Inheritance

WEBINAR-Leaving a Living Legacy, Beyond the Inheritance.  To most people, the term “legacy” evokes thoughts of money and property. While these assets can be a component of your legacy, they are typically much less important than the intangible legacies we leave. Unlike money and property, intangible legacies – your belief system, milestones, stories, and skills- […]

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Estate Plan for Happy Days Webinar Replay

This is our lively and informative presentation on why estate planning, done right, can be a joyous reaffirmation of life and a golden opportunity to help assure that you will provide for your loved ones in the best possible way. See what happened to Howard, Marian, Fonzie, and the rest of the Cunningham family after […]

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Medicaid and VA Myth Busters

Navigating through the eligibility requirements of Medicaid and VA can be frustrating. Let us relieve some of that frustration for you in this entertaining program where we correct much of the misinformation about these programs. Bust through these myths and let us give you some peace of mind.  (Click on screen to begin). Information and […]

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