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Is Independent Living Rent a Deductible Medical Expense for VA Pension?

Can I deduct my independent living apartment rent as a medical expense on my application for VA pension?  This is a common question we receive and the answer depends on the reason for residing in independent living.  Using ordinary rent as a deductible medical expense on an application for VA pension benefits had been an abusive […]

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Three Basic Principles to Know About Medicaid and VA Pension Benefits

If you are a business or organization serving aging or disabled Hoosiers, knowing a few basic principles about Medicaid and VA benefits can provide a lot of value to your clients and set you apart from your competition.  Also if you have an aging parent or may be concerned about how to pay for long […]

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Medicaid and VA Myth Busters

Navigating through the eligibility requirements of Medicaid and VA can be frustrating. Let us relieve some of that frustration for you in this entertaining program where we correct much of the misinformation about these programs. Bust through these myths and let us give you some peace of mind.  (Click on screen to begin). Information and […]

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Where’s My Coronavirus Relief Payment? Well, It Depends.

The centerpiece of the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed into law March 27, 2020, is its one-time $1,200 payments to millions of eligible individuals. When can you expect your payment and how much will it be? The answer to the first question has been changing on an almost daily […]

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Compensating Family Caregivers through Medicaid, VA Pension, and Personal Services Agreements

Being a family caregiver can be a strain financially. Many family caregivers are faced with the decision of working a full-time job on top of caring for their loved one or forgoing a paycheck. This video reviews how a family caregiver can avoid making this choice by receiving compensation for the care they are providing […]

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Planning for Medicaid and VA Pension Benefits

Obtaining Medicaid or VA Pension Benefits to assist with the cost of long term care does not require an individual to be completely destitute. Assets can be protected and Medicaid or VA Pension Benefits secured with a legal plan. Our firm can typically put a legal plan in place to obtain benefits within 30 days. […]

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