Category: Decedent’s Estate

The End of the Stretch IRA: New Law Makes Big Changes to Retirement Plans

For those who have a significant amount of savings in retirement accounts, the amount those individuals can transfer to next the generation has been greatly reduced.  President Trump signed a spending bill on December 20, 2019 that made major changes to retirement plans. The new law is designed to provide more incentives to save for retirement, but […]

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When Inheriting Real Property, Consider Your Options

Inheriting real property from your parents is either a blessing or a burden — or a little bit of both. Figuring out what to do with the property can be overwhelming, so it is good to carefully think through all of your choices. There are three main options when you inherit real property: move in, […]

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Is My Inheritance Subject To Tax?

Is my inheritance subject to tax?  For most of our clients, the answer to this question is generally “no.”  However, it is helpful to know the potential forms of taxation when assets are transferred from the decedent to a beneficiary to better understand why this is the case. Estate Tax An estate tax is a […]

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