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Prepare for Medicaid through Your Estate Plan

Many people will prepare for Medicaid through their estate plan.  Long-term care involves not only a loss of personal autonomy; it also comes at a tremendous financial price. Proper planning can help your family prepare for the financial toll and protect assets for future generations. Long-term care can be very expensive, especially around-the-clock nursing home […]

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What to Do With Your Stimulus Check if You Are in a Nursing Home or Receiving Medicaid Waiver Services

What do you do with a stimulus check when you or a family member are on Medicaid? Late last year, Congress approved $600 stimulus checks for individuals making less than $75,000 a year. Those checks should be sent to everyone eligible, including individuals on Medicaid and in a nursing home or assisted living facility or […]

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Medicaid Benefits Cannot Be Terminated Until at Least 2022 as Public Health Emergency Will Remain in Place Through 2021

Medicaid benefits cannot be terminated until 2022.  As we previously reported, Indiana cannot terminate individuals from the Medicaid program until the end of the month in which the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services declares that the COVID-19 public health emergency no longer exists.  This also includes the State’s ability to reduce […]

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Successor Trustee Responsibilities after Death of Grantor: What You Need to Know to Avoid Unintended Liabilities

A Successor Trustee must be aware of his or her responsibilities at the death of the Grantor.  Many times the creation of a trust, whether it be to avoid probate, ease administration, or protect family assets, sets unrealistic expectations as to what occurs at the death of the Grantor of the trust.  Many successor trustees […]

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Getting Comfortable With Estate Planning Terminology

Some people feel uncomfortable meeting with an attorney to discuss their estate planning needs because of an unfamiliarity with the law. A good lawyer will discuss your available options in simple terms that a person with no legal training can comprehend. You can also relieve some of that hesitancy by familiarizing yourself with legal terminology […]

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