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Paying Family Caregivers through Medicaid: Self-Directed Care

In a prior post, we reviewed how Structured Family Caregiving under Indiana Medicaid’s waiver services can compensate a family caregiver.  Another program under Indiana’s Medicaid waiver services that can compensate the family caregiver is the self-directed care program. What is Self-Directed Care? Rather than use a third party to provide Medicaid funded care, waiver recipients […]

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When Will the Will be Read? Getting Started with Settling the Deceased’s Affairs

Hollywood tends to sensationalize the beginning of settling the deceased’s affairs.  The scene typically begins in a darkened attorney’s office decorated with shelves of legal books and a large mahogany desk.  On one side sits the beloved family attorney, on the other the family of the recently departed.  As a hush falls upon the gathered […]

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Budgeting: The Five Uses of Money with Scott Goldsmith

Once an individual is approved for Medicaid benefits, he or she will receive such benefits subject to the payment of his or her liability. The liability is similar to a copayment under traditional insurance and is calculated based on the recipient’s income. While a solid legal plan can protect marital assets, a portion of the […]

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Seniors and Adults with Special Needs Who Are Claimed as Dependents Will Not Get Coronavirus Relief Payment

Not everyone will get the stimulus payment the federal government is sending to help Americans through the economic hard times triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Among those left out are seniors and adults with special needs who are claimed as dependents. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act included one-time payments of up […]

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