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Pandemic Relief: Retirement Account Owners Do Not Have to Take Required Distributions in 2020

Retirement account owners, many of whose retirement balances have been pummeled by a stock market drop due to the coronavirus pandemic, do not have to take mandatory withdrawals this year. Federal law requires individuals who were age 70 1/2 before the end of 2019 to begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their retirement plan in […]

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Yes, You Can Receive Unemployment and Social Security at the Same Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent unemployment to its highest levels since the Great Depression, and older workers have been particularly hard hit, with one in five over age 55 now out of work, according to one estimate. Many people continue to work beyond retirement age, either by choice or out of necessity, at the same […]

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What’s in our portfolio? Identifying different financial assets.

What is an annuity? What’s the difference between an inherited IRA, traditional IRA, and Roth IRA? Doesn’t cash mean paper money in my wallet? What is an IRA CD? Suddenly being responsible for the family’s financial affairs can be overwhelming even with a clear understanding of different types of financial assets and products. To the […]

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Stimulus Payments Sent to Deceased Persons Must be Returned per IRS

According to recent guidance released by the IRS, Federal stimulus payments sent to persons who have died must be returned. As part of the procedure to determine who to send payments, the IRS used tax filings within the past two years.  In a rush to get payments our as quickly as possible, some payments were […]

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Know Creditor Claim Rules Before Paying a Deceased Family Members Bills

Family members are often eager to ensure that their deceased family member’s bills are paid promptly after the decedent’s death.  Understandably, they do not want creditors to stop services, close accounts, or sully the reputation of their loved one because bill payment has not been made by post-death payment deadlines.  However, those administering their family […]

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