Month: January 2022

Getting Started with Settling the Deceased’s Affairs

Hollywood tends to sensationalize the beginning of settling the deceased’s affairs.  The scene begins in a darkened attorney’s office decorated with shelves of legal books and a large mahogany desk.  On one side sits the beloved family attorney, on the other the family of the recently departed.  As a hush falls upon the gathered individuals, […]

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Successor Trustee has Many Responsibilities After Death of Grantor

What You Need to Know to Avoid Unintended Liabilities A Successor Trustee must be aware of his or her responsibilities after death of the Grantor.  The Trust may have been created to avoid probate, ease administration, or protect family assets.  Many times it sets unrealistic expectations as to what occurs at the death of the […]

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Medicare and Vaccines

Vaccines can become less effective over time. Even individuals fully vaccinated as children may need to update their immunizations. Medicare Parts B and D offer vaccination coverage. What does Medicare Part B cover? Medicare Part B covers shots for the flu, hepatitis B, pneumococcal (pneumonia), and COVID-19.  It covers 100 percent of the cost of […]

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