Protection & Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

Whether you are in immediate need of legal assistance because of a crisis or you are planning for future needs, Stinson Law Firm stands ready to help. 

Empathy Is Our Driving Force

Stinson Law Firm is committed to delivering superior legal services with compassion and individualized attention. We work with clients across the state of Indiana, including: Hamilton, Marion, Boone, Hancock, Hendricks, Howard, Johnson, and Morgan counties.

What Makes Us Different

What is Elder Law?

Unlike many other areas of the law, elder law is defined by the needs of the client rather than by a particular field of law.


Peace of Mind: Now and Later

Superior legal services are just the start. With an empathy that comes only from personal experience, Stinson Law Firm goes above and beyond to deliver services with care and compassion.


Downloadable Resources

Stinson Law Firm is proud to offer free resources on a variety of topics. Make an informed decision before even speaking to an attorney.


My business is a part of me. I celebrate my clients’ achievements, and I suffer through their losses with them. They are getting a full investment out of me when they hire me. I enjoy working with folks, learning more about them, and not just focusing on the situation.

-Jeffery D. Stinson, Certified Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law

So many of us have gone through the painful process of seeing our parents, spouse, or loved one fail in health. When he or she is no longer able to care for themselves, there are questions that need to be answered and decisions that must be made.

Attorney Jeffery Stinson has been on both sides of the situation.

Find out how his experiences have shaped Stinson Law Firm, where we combine superior legal services with compassionate customer care.


Medicaid Planning Applications and Appeals

Stinson Law Firm can help preserve your assets while still accessing valuable Medicaid benefits (as well as VA Pension and other benefits). We can begin your Medicaid plan today. Start by scheduling an appointment for an initial consultation.  We will outline your options and assist you in making an informed, well-reasoned decision on what approach is best for you.


Asset Protection

An estate plan is necessary to ensure that your financial and personal needs are taken care of by the persons of your choosing and that your affairs are settled in an orderly fashion after your death. Stinson Law Firm will guide you in creating a specific and customized estate plan – drafting such things as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care advance directives, funeral planning directives, and any other necessary legal documents.


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