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VA Benefits Cost-of-Living Increase

Congress recently approved a 2% cost-of-living increase in the maximum annual pension rate for service pension and death pension benefits. Maximum Annual Pension Rates for the Service Pension are as follows: Annually Monthly Service Pension $13,166 $1,097   w/ Dependent $17,241 $1,437 Pension w/ Housebound Allowance $16,089 $1,341   w/ Dependent $20,166 $1,681 Pension with […]

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Five Valuable Tips When Caring for a Parent at Home

More and more children are living with their parents when their parents begin to need supports for their care.  This situation can occur either with the parent moving in with the child or the child moving in with the parent.  This trend probably won’t reverse anytime soon. Children and their parents are finding that living […]

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Update: Dept. of Veterans Affairs Proposes Transfer Penalty for Pension Applications

Update March 24, 2017 We continue to receive anecdotal information regarding when this proposed regulation will be implemented by the VA. Unfortunately, we have no firm information about when and how the regulation will be implemented. Recent information indicates the VA may begin to impose this rule in June 2017. If you are contemplating filing […]

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Dept. of Veterans Affairs Proposes Transfer Penalty for Pension Applications

If you think you have read this headline before, it is probably because you have. No, this is not a republished article or mistaken post. As Yogi Berra once so elegantly stated, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has proposed a regulation that would enact new pension eligibility provisions, […]

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